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Call for printers and contributors!

September 12, 2009


Hello, everyone!

Can anyone recommend printing companies for the souvenir  program? Based on the original project timeline, we should be able to  give the souvenir program to the printer by September 17. Quincy  has already contacted a printing press he knows, and I’ve also e-  mailed Avlich Printing, a company recommended by Ms Ritzi  Ronquillo. I’m looking for other contacts.

If you know of any reliable printing companies that produce high-quality outputs at reasonable prices, please let me know. Please give the company name, owner’s name, contact info (e-mail, telephone numbers), address, and some indication of the quality of their work (promptness, whether they’ve printed well-loved publications, whether they coordinate closely with clients to ensure that the output looks the way it was intended to look, etc.). This is so that we can come up with options that Tito Larry and Tita Anne can choose from.

By the way, if anyone would still like to contribute photos of Tara with friends and family, please feel free to do so! So far, the only photos I’ve received are from our Air Police Commander in ROTC. I was hoping to get more photos of Tara with family members and other friends.

Many thanks and see you tomorrow!

Angela B Serrano
0928 506 1117

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